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Mini Shoots

Photographs of your Little Ones / Family Sessions

$325 includes 25 minute session Minimum of 30 High Res Files Family / Extra children no charge

$525 includes 50 minute session Minimum of 60 High Res Files Family / Extra children no charge

I started doing mini shoot sessions about 17 years ago when I moved from the Bay Area to the foothills because I found it was the only way I could see all my clients and make use of the round trip car ride. They work like this: I select a date and specific location (for example Golden Gate park by the conservatory on April 4th) I will post the date online and families sign up in half hour increments. Unlike a normal photoshoot that may have time flexibility or multiple locations, the mini shoots are fixed and constrained. I select locations that have easy parking, bathrooms and shade. Because of the quick paced shoot schedule your 30 minutes slots are firm. 

Reminders: Please arrive early for parking and to have your little ones ready to go and acclimated to the surroundings. I will send you a confirmed time slot with a map and exact meeting spot before the shoot. If you are late and I have a slot booked after you, it will cut into YOUR shoot time. I’ve picked locations that have good variety in a small space, so it should be easy to get what we need in 20-30 minutes.

Clothing: Something that your child can move around in and is comfortable wearing is always good. Simple patterns, solid colors, and interesting textures are all great. AVOID any kind of logo or text. If you’d like a couple looks, maybe have him / her wear a sweater or top layer that can easily be removed...most likely we won’t have time for a full outfit change unless you do a back to back session. Even then, it can be a bit much to change clothes in a mini session. You can always set up a full family session with me that has more flexibility.

Payments: Venmo Pay Pal Check or Cash. I am now requiring a deposit that is non-refundable if you cancel less than two weeks prior to the shoot. You have the option to prepay in full online but only 25%  of the total is non-refundable in case of cancellations. 

Turn around times: 1-2 weeks 

To set up your time slot: BOOK ONLINE 

Choosing a Package

Some of you may not be sure what options will work best for your family so i’m going to write out some pros and cons of the single session vs. double session.

30 minute single session: 30 minutes is definitely enough time for a single child or pair of siblings and I was able to get a few full families into to a single slot last year and in the spring. BUT, it was not always ideal depending on the unpredictable circumstances that come with photographing children and in some cases multiple children. This is for those of you who really just want that key shot of the whole family together and maybe one or two singles of the children. I do not feel that 30 minutes is enough time to get other combinations and variety, but if you just need that photo for the holiday card and gifts, this should be enough.

Back to Back: I would normally recommend this for those of you who have more than two children, and those who want a full family session. An hour gives a bit of room to coax kids out of their shy zones and allows for some creative more candid shots and to explore the location a bit I would suggest doing back to back sessions if you use the mini shoots as part of your yearly personal record and heirlooms. NOTE* the booking program i've committed to is not perfect. For those Back to Back sessions you need to check the calendar and find two open slots, BUT you have to book each slot one at a time ( A pain...I know) 

As many of you mini-shoot veterans know, children are not always the most cooperative. Sometimes they get shy in the beginning and sometimes they burn out by the end, and in my experience patience and perseverance usually win out. And BELIEVE me when I say that you are not alone when the little ones don’t cooperate or seemingly cry in every photo. And I know how hard it can be to arrange the outfits and get the husbands on board, but the more I do this every year the more it means to me. I LOVE seeing you all and I know we all end up laughing hysterically at the end of it, and it really brings me such joy when i’m looking through the past 10 or so years that i’ve been doing this and seeing how much everyone has grown and changed. It’s really remarkable and Im thankful to be, in some small way, a family ritual.

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